About Me

Hey ya’ll! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Kate and I love to travel and I love to eat. I grew up outside Philadelphia, moved to Charleston, South Carolina to go to college, moved to Germany after graduation, and returned to Charleston when I moved back to the States. Recently, I moved back to Philadelphia and after some much needed R&R as well as a temporary stint in Corporate America, I accepted a Sales/Reservations Position with a local travel company.

One of the best movies I saw in 2010 was Julie and Julia. I love how a girl working a cube job in New York found meaning in food. During my stint in a cube, I found it difficult to remember what it is that makes me happy. I started this blog the same way Julie Powell started  her’s to document my journey to get to a place where I am happy and where I want to be. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.


Alice-in-Wonderland Chair, Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, Cape Cod, MA


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