New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years ! It’s time for me to commit to some resolutions for 2012. I’m so ready for the year ahead – there’s just so much about which I’m excited!
1) First off, this is a blog. A not-very-often-updated or well maintained blog. I’d like to try to post a couple times a week. Hopefully, it’ll be some exciting stuff, but I hope to keep track of my workouts and runs better, share fun work stories, and talk about my travels more.
2) Along with the blogging, I’d like to spruce it up some and take more pictures! I’ve got a plan in the works to do so, but more on that later this week.
3) The Boyfriend and I are signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run in March. I ran it for the first time in 2009 and it was my first distance (it’s a 10k) race. I finished in 1:06:45. Since then, I’ve run 2 half marathons, another 10k, and numerous 5k’s. I’ve made some significant progress in my running since that first race and over the past year, so I want to finish this year’s Bridge Run in less than an hour.
4) The Boyfriend and I are ALSO signed up for the 2012 ING Rock ‘n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon in September. I PR’ed the hell out of that race in 2011 and I’d like to take another 10 minutes off my time in 2012.
5) I lost a significant amount of weight in 2011, but have been stuck at a certain point for the past few months I’d realllly like to get to or under a specific number: the amount I weighed when I graduated from high school 10 (gah!) years ago.
6) There’s a specific amount of money I’d like to save this year. I know this crass to talk about funds, but I would like to establish a nice nest egg in the coming year.
7) I signed up for classes in December and they begin in 2 and a half weeks. Since I haven’t been in school in 5 and a half years, I’m starting out slow with a College Algebra class (jealous much? I know you are!). I’m excited to begin and I also want to do well. I can already tell I’m more serious
8) I was lucky enough to receive a Kindle Fire from my company for Christmas and let me tell you: this device rocks. I spent last week loading up on a number of books I cannot wait to read and I hope to get through at least 2 a month this year.

9) Most importantly, I’d like to chill the heck out. It’s probably not shocking to anyone I’m admitting to being uptight (commence judging and laughing at me here), but I’d really like to spend 2012 being a little more positive, a little more relaxed, and a simply, a little bit happier than I’ve been in the past. If it means an extra pedicure or massage here or there, then so be it! 😉
Ambitious? It’ll keep me on my toes this year. Tell me: What are your New Years Resolutions for 2012?
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