What is the matter with me?

Two weekends ago, I spent some time in Hoboken with the Boyfriend. We went to NYC, ate pizza, enjoyed a Rangers Game, and then explored the Jersey side of the Hudson River. Eventually. I think we’d like to move their together, but I had never been. I really enjoyed everything I saw. Hoboken isn’t too big and is very easy to navigate, the brownstones are beautiful, and it’s just a stone’s throw away from New York – which means enjoying all the wonderful restaurants in the city, being closer to many people I deeply care about, and eventually being a part of the New York Road Runners and the Junior League of New York City.

One of the afternoons we were there, I was messing with my iPhone and noticed a Facebook status from a gal, with whom I went to high school. Turns out a girl I was decently friendly with in high school is getting married and this other girl is going to be a bridesmaid. For whatever reason this just threw me for a loop and it’s had me thinking ever since. I don’t have many friends. I had some ladies with whom I was close in high school, but I peaced out and went to college as far away as possible. While we didn’t necessarily lose contact with one another, I’m not nearly as close with them since I wasn’t a car ride away.

I continued this trend in college by studying abroad. I met some great people when I first moved to Germany, but I was far away from the people I knew in Charleston and in Pennsylvania, and when I returned home from Germany, I was promptly far away from the people I met while I was there. After college, I moved back to Germany and thus, the trend continued. I met a bunch of great people, but over time have lost touch with them. I moved home in 2008, went back to Charleston with the intention of being there permanently, and came crawling back to my parents less than 2 years later. Until now, I have always prided myself on my inability to sit still but now, at 27, I’m not so sure it’s been worth it.

Now, I have a wonderful Boyfriend, people at work who are great, some lovely ladies I’ve met through the Junior League, but yet, I often feel so alone. Maybe it’s just a weird funk and I certainly not the first person who has ever felt this way before, but I just don’t know what to do to make new friends.

Tell me: what is wrong with me? how do you get out and meet people your own age?

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5 Responses to What is the matter with me?

  1. This is not a weird funk…it’s called your 20’s. (<—-that's what my therapist told me!)

    Also, I miss you. I wish you were closer and we could go get silly drunk on a random week day night. I could use that right now!

    PS: Remember that time you brought me a glass of wine in a travel mug to SGA in college when I was going shit balls crazy? I will always remember that as one of the kindest things anyone has ever done. Hugs.

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  3. Kim says:

    hey love – as a fellow city/country jumping ex-pat, i feel your pain. but you’ve kept in touch with me, and nicely, too!! love you.

  4. Marcia Z. says:

    Do they HAVE to be people your own age? I’m a bit older than you, but…short of sounding corny….I like you. Will you be my friend? 🙂

  5. Sharon Stacy says:

    not just your 20’s..it’s 30’s as well. i went through the same thing except when i was at CofC i was a bit older than most of you in my German classes so i felt completely out of place. I never really got the “college” experience. i went to class then off to a full time job and it was a continuous cycle. never made many friends in HS but the one I did have I’m also not as close as I’d to be. Can lost time be made up..who knows. If i could do it all again would I?..girl if i could afford to i would, just to have the real “college experience”

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